It is very important that you inform the dentist if you have had the Covid vaccine.



As a medical service provider we have risen to the challenges of the pandemic and we continue to deliver safe and efficient care for all, whilst offering the widest possible range of treatment options.

Patient Journey the New Normal

COVID 19 has brought new challenges to all of us but especially to dentists and their patients. Bridgewater Dental Surgery has overcome many of the barriers and now we can continue treatment to all our patients in a safe and secure environment. Of course coming to the dentist will feel slightly different than attending pre Covid 19 but one thing is for certain, our standards of dentistry and patient care will remain as high as they always have been. Rest assured that you will be treated safely and professionally in this New Normal.

Please download and sign your Covid 19 Consent form and bring it with you for your appointment.


Prior to your Appointment

The surgery will call you with an appointment time and will confirm with you that appointment. The practice manager will then ask you a series of questions relating to the CoronaVirus: Covid 19, such as:

Have you had the Covid 19?
Have you been in contact with anyone who has had Covid 19?
Have you a temperature?
Have you a headache and are feeling unwell?
Have you had any loss of taste or smell?
Have you had any generalised aching or malaise?

You must answer honestly


Day of the Appointment

On arrival at the surgery please STAY IN YOUR CAR and call us from your mobile phone. Please bring with you a pen, a face mask (if you have one) and a pair of rubber gloves. If you bring someone with you, unless absolutely vital leave them in the car.

Once we are ready for you we will call you to come out of your car and proceed to the surgery. Outside the surgery you will find a stool and on the stool will be a basket containing masks hand sanitiser and rubber gloves. If you have brought your own just use the hand sanitiser. There will also be a form for you to read and sign please.


In the Surgery

Once you have hand sanitised and signed the form enter the surgery where you will be welcomed in by the practice manager. Please follow all her instructions, she may wish to take your temperature using an infraRed thermometer from 2 metres away.

Once In the surgery we will be well prepared for you. The surgery will have been scrubbed with an anti-viral solution, we also have air conditioning as well as HEPA air filtration system running.

Our PPE may make us look extra-terrestrial but rest assured underneath there will be familiar faces. Before commencement of your treatment you will be asked to take off your mask and rinse your mouth out with 1.5% Hydrogen Peroxide solution for 30 seconds. This is used to kill any possible viruses in your mouth and on your tongue.

On completion of your treatment replace your mask and sit up. We can then have a further conversation about your treatment etc. On your way out please pay for your treatment via the card machine and the practice manager will give you a further appointment. Please try to socially distance from the front desk.


Post Treatment

Once home please wash your hands and face thoroughly. If you have any questions about your treatment or anything else including our Standard Operating System please call our Helpline on 0161 727 9119

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