White Fillings and White Inlays

Most people have fillings of one sort or another, and in the past, they were mostly made from a mixture of silver and mercury commonly known as an amalgam filling. In truth, they stood the test of time. They were resilient and hard-wearing but unfortunately being very dark in colour their aesthetic, especially if they were visible, was non-existent. Put it another way they look awful when they are first inserted and visually go downhill in time. There is also the question around mercury safety.

However today, because we are much more conscious of our smile and appearance we can choose a natural-looking alternative - the composite or tooth-colored filling.

White Fillings are available for both front and back teeth to reconstruct decayed or damaged teeth. A composite material matched exactly to your natural tooth, proves a much more aesthetically pleasing solution to mercury amalgam fillings.

If the cavity is on the large side but the outside structure is secure, there is a further alternative and that is a Zirconium Inlay. Similar to Zirconium crowns the inlays are somewhat smaller and are now the filling of choice when a crown is not advisable, especially for patients who grind their teeth.

All white fillings and inlays no matter what shade can be colour matched to your natural teeth.

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