Please note that these are indicative prices for the average patient depending on the time spent with the patient. If there is any variation, patients will be notified prior to carrying out the treatment which will only go ahead on the patients understanding and acceptance.

New Patient 15 minute consultation
Full Examination Scale and Polish
Full Examination Scale and Polish and 2 X Rays
Intra Oral X Rays (per X Ray)
Tooth Extraction non-surgical
Tooth Extraction surgical
From £150
White Composite Filling one surface
White Composite Filling two or more surfaces
Glass Ionomer Filling for fractured tooth and core build up
Porcelain Bonded Crown
Zirconium Crown
Zirconium Veneer
Bonded Bridge Work per unit
Single Canal root filling Front tooth
Two Canal, root filling
Study Models
Gum shields for contact sports like Rugby….etc
Night Guard for Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)
Teeth Whitening - Boutique with Special trays
Teeth Whitening - Zoom (1 hour in surgery) and Boutique with Special trays

We are happy to quote for any other type of Dental Work including Dentures and Implants. We also undertake Orthodontics both for children and for adults, prices vary depending on the severity of the case and individual patient requirements.

Please note that in most cases we do not undertake endodontic treatment (root treatment) on molar teeth, but refer the patient to Endo 61 in South Manchester

If you are a Private Registered Patient of Bridgewater Dental Surgery then we will see your children up to the age of eight free of charge for examination, fluoride treatment and Oral Health Advice. Childrens Fillings, Extractions are chargeable at reduced rates. For further details on Childrens pricing please call for a consultation and quote.

At Bridgewater Dental Surgery we understand that cost can be a concern for our patients, which is why we provide complete transparency regarding pricing. Before commencing any treatment, we will fully disclose all associated costs, ensuring that there are no surprises or unexpected expenses.

We prioritise open communication with our patients regarding all aspects of their treatment, including planning, pricing, and financial options. Our team is dedicated to presenting all available treatment alternatives and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each option in a professional and unbiased manner.

At Bridgewater Dental Surgery, we believe in empowering our patients to make their own decisions about their treatment. We will never pressure you into choosing a specific treatment against your wishes, and the final decision will always be solely up to you. Our commitment to open communication and transparency ensures that our patients receive the best possible care with complete confidence.

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