At first glance, one might wonder what dentistry has to do with sustainability, the environment, and a holistic approach. However, at Bridgewater Dental Surgery, we understand the importance of these issues and strive to make a positive impact in our community.

Sustainability is a top priority for us. We are fortunate to practice in a beautiful part of the North West and aim to preserve it for future generations. We minimize our use of plastics and prefer to purchase materials in bulk without packaging whenever possible. We also limit our use of disposable paper products without compromising patient safety.

Our concern for the environment extends beyond materials. Since our inception in 2000, we have never used amalgam, which contains mercury. We also conserve water, using a reverse osmosis machine to purify it and an efficient suction pump to filter waste.

Our approach to dentistry is holistic. We recognize that the mouth is not a separate unit, but rather a small part of the whole body. By paying attention to the mouth, we can detect problems elsewhere in the body, such as stomach issues, diabetes, and migraines, and provide advice or referrals for further treatment. We also offer smoking cessation support and connect patients with resources when we cannot provide assistance.

We believe that Bridgewater Dental Surgery is more than just a dentist. We are part of the local community and contribute to its fabric and the well-being of its people. By prioritizing sustainability, the environment, and a holistic approach, we hope to make a positive impact on our community and beyond. Outside of dental life, the surgery has many patients who benefit from parkrun at either Worsley Woods or Heaton park. If you are interested speak to Hilary, our parkrun advocate who will be only too happy to get you involved.